Diet is not just about food

It’s about culture, history and experiences. It’s sharing, learning and discovering. It’s health, sustainability and group cohesiveness. That is why we want to build a new nutritional model that covers everyones needs and is profitable, because we believe that eating shouldn’t be just about producing, transforming and selling food.

The world is changing at high heat

The traditional family values have changed. The way we interact has changed. Work and leisure. Traditions and routines. Social values. Everything is changing at high speed. Including our eating habits. There are new products cooked in different ways that come from all over the world and we can buy using new distribution channels. This industry needs to implement innovative ideas that can adjust to the new reality that’s been cooking lately.

Los principios de Baiba

Think global, eat local

We are facing new unknown challenges, such as, climate change, the overuse of our oceans, hunger, global ageing, the overpopulation of the world, new diseases,…

All these challenges, change the way we look at food. The way we eat is transforming and it will continue doing so forever.

How we eat is as important as what we eat

We want to build trustworthy relationships with our clients, partners and suppliers because we strongly believe in team-working.

We are changing dieting by starting from the foundation.