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About us

We want to change the Food Chain by developing new products, services and business models that are more sustainable, healthy and for every people needs.



We create new innovative-based products and services that affect the whole value-chain, from the farmer to the consumer, including the transformation and distribution of the product.


We have developed our own methodology “The Kitchen”®; which help us to implement with our clients “the innovative culture in the teams” in order to create fast new and profitable business models, always relying on leadership and teamwork.


We are basically entrepreneurs, we love to create Food Businesses in order to learn and to impact in the Ecosystem.
Also, we collaborate with our clients to help them accelerate their Ideas into a New Business model that can reach the Market soon.
We participate in numerous acceleration programs as a mentor, partner or investor.

The world is changing
at high heat

The traditional family values have changed. The way we interact has changed. Work and leisure. Traditions and routines. Social values. Everything is changing at high speed. Including our eating habits. There are new products cooked in different ways that come from all over the world and we can buy using new distribution channels. This industry needs to implement innovative ideas that can adjust to the new reality that’s been cooking lately.

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